22 DJs Marathon at The Longest 12 Days Sunset Beach Party


Collaborating with 22 DJs, Tropical Temptation is on a mission to redefine the party scene, injecting continuous surprises and unique experiences into The Longest 12 Days Sunset Beach Party. This isn’t just a beach party, it is an immersive journey where the beats meet the horizon. We are amplifying the experience with a stellar lineup of DJs from every corner, offering a tropical getaway as the perfect accompaniment to your 2023. Dive into the lineups tailored to suit your mood and make each day a celebration of rhythm and waves!

Sunset Corona

Picture this, a sunset painted in hues of warmth, your favorite Corona Beer in hand, and the harmonious beats of Putri Isata and Ozan Dede creating a match made in heaven. Save the date for December 23, 2023, and immerse yourself in this blissful convergence of nature and music.

New Year Glam Runaway

Step into 2024 with style and beats that resonate with the rhythm of your heartbeat. Collaborating with a renowned brand, Ongky and Boyd will set the runway ablaze on December 26, 2023. Secure your spot now and witness the fusion of fashion and music

Heels on the Beach

Ladies, it’s your moment to shine! On December 27, 2023, Tropical Temptation dedicates a day to you, complete with a playlist curated by Putri Isata, Rieene, and Aly. Let the beats accentuate your elegance and make this day unforgettable.

Ear Therapy Soresore Afro

Feel the Afro rhythms pulsating through your veins on December 29, 2023, as Ear Therapy beats collaborate with 6 exceptional DJs – Aluku, Wilson, Cello, Budi, Nuez, and Mokodee. Immerse yourself in a rhythmic journey like never before.

TOTEM Tulum Beach Project

On December 30, 2023, Tropical Temptation transcends boundaries, merging art and music in the Tulum Beach Project. Join the collaboration with DJs Touzani, Stay Golden, Jose, and Dreamy Soulander. Your ticket to a tropical paradise awaits – book now and become a part of this artistic fusion.

New Year’s Eve Party

Bid farewell to 2023 and dance your way into the new year at Bali New Year’s Eve Party on December 31, 2023. Featuring the captivating muses Economou, MOFU, Ongky, and Ozan Dede, this is a celebration where the beats never stop. Tickets are selling fast! Secure your favorite spot now!

Limitless Happiness
Extend the joy into the new year with Limitless Happiness on January 1, 2024. Join the after-party featuring our talented DJs like Nday, Gunk, Flip, Ryan, and more. Consider it the cherry on top as you commence 2024 with an experience that knows no bounds!

“The Longest Party” featuring 22 DJs has undoubtedly redefined the meaning of celebration. From sunrise to the grand finale, this marathon of beats and rhythms has created memories that will resonate with every attendee. The dance floor becomes a collective canvas, painted by the diverse sounds of each DJ, making it an event for the books. As the music fades, the echoes of this extraordinary celebration linger, leaving everyone eagerly awaiting the next edition of this unparalleled musical journey. So, gather your friends and be ready for experience like no other at Uluwatu’s most favorite beach club. See you at Tropical Temptation!

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