Heels on the Beach


Day 7 at Tropical Temptation was nothing short of a spectacular celebration with “Heels on the Beach.” It was the ultimate Girl’s Day Out, held on December 27, offering a special opportunity for ladies to enjoy a unique and memorable experience.

The beach club came alive with the rhythmic beats curated by talented DJs Putri Isata, Riene, and Aly, creating the perfect ambiance for a night of glamour and fun. The event was a fusion of music, style, and the breathtaking backdrop of the beach, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening.

“Heels on the Beach” was more than just a party, it was an invitation to dance the night away, surrounded by the beauty of the ocean and the energizing tunes provided by the featured DJs. The beach became a glamorous runway as guests embraced the opportunity to glam up, showcasing their style and making lasting memories in the vibrant atmosphere.

To add to the excitement, the event featured a special offer of 2-for-1 cocktails, providing an extra layer of indulgence for the attendees. As the beats echoed through the night and the waves provided a natural rhythm, “Heels on the Beach” transformed Tropical Temptation into a haven of joy, where every step was a dance move, and every moment was a celebration of femininity and friendship. The event truly embodied the spirit of a Girls’ Day Out, leaving a trail of laughter, joy, and beautiful memories that will linger in the hearts of those who attended.

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