Sandikala Majestic: Experience the Magic of Balinese Sunset Parties at Tropical Temptation Beach Club


Tropical Temptation Beach Club has added an event to its lineup: Sandikala Majestic. This weekly sunset party carries a distinct Balinese flair, with a “Balinese welcoming” for guests upon arrival, fire-breathing bartenders, and a stunning sunset performance featuring the legendary Hanoman dance.

The highlight of the Sandikala Majestic event is the sunset performance, which showcases the splendor of Balinese art against the golden-yellow sky and the vast expanse of the sea. After the performance, guests can enjoy other entertainment offerings such as a spot for making offerings and a spot for traditional Balinese games.

The best time to come to Sandikala Majestic is before sunset so you can get a good spot to enjoy the sunset and the peak of the event. Sandikala Majestic takes place every Thursday at TT Beach Club, offering guests the chance to spend their evenings with friends and experience the magic of a Balinese sunset party. Don’t miss out on this unique and exciting event – come to TT Beach Club and see for yourself why it’s the most sought-after destination in Bali.

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