‘Sunset Winescape’ with Sababay’s Pink Blossom Wine


On September 22nd, 2023, an exclusive gathering of wine enthusiasts and beach aficionados took place at our enchanting VVIP Deck. As the sun gracefully descended beneath the horizon, it marked the commencement of an unforgettable soirée known as the “Sunset Winescape.”

The event kicked off at 4:30 PM, infusing an air of elegance that perfectly complemented the tropical beach setting. Guests were treated to a delightful array of activities, including an engaging blind tasting session to refine their wine palates. The spotlight, however, shone brightly on Sababay Winery’s latest creation, the “Pink Blossom” wine variants. These unique offerings promised to redefine the Indonesian wine landscape, offering a refreshing and aromatic experience that left wine connoisseurs captivated.

To celebrate the collaboration between Tropical Temptation Beach Club and Sababay Winery, guests were treated to a special promotion from 5 to 7 PM, featuring a “buy 1 get 1 free” offer on Sababay Pink Blossom Wine, priced at only 299 K++ per glass. Moreover, from Thursday to Sunday, complimentary wine tastings were hosted from 3 to 7 PM. The aesthetic allure of the venue was further enhanced by Flair Studio’s beautiful decorations, and Aura of Your Soul Candle Factory added a touch of elegance with pink candles that harmonized with Sababay’s new wine variant. As the collaboration reached its zenith, it was announced that a memorable closing party event, featuring a foam party and the exceptional Sababay Pink Blossom Wine, would take place on September 30th, 2023, marking the grand finale of our delightful collaboration.

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