Take a Peek inside Tropical Temptation Multicultural Architecture Design


Tropical Temptation Beach Club is located on Melasti Beach, the southern part of Bali. Carrying out the concept of Tropical Mediterranean style combined with Balinese Architecture style, Tropical Temptation Beach Club stands on 1500 m2 of land.

This building has a bamboo structure in almost the entire area. The selection of this bamboo structure was initially aimed to follow the basic structural shape. However, in its development, the selection of bamboo is used as an aesthetic in the interior of the building. There is also stone architecture that adds a tropical feel.

In addition, Tropical Temptation Beach Club has a multi-level infinity pool. Being on the edge of Melasti Beach is the reason why the infinity pool is the choice so that the impression of being one with the beach is created. Terrazzo Pool was also chosen for this swimming pool which stretches parallel to Melasti Beach. The reason for having a terrazzo pool is that the material is proven to be more durable and strong for a long time.

Adding vegetation integrated into the buildings also conducted to increase the surface area for green zones, improving the environmental and visual quality of a building. The wavy roof becomes a symbol of the waves.

One of the points that have become the center of attention since the first day Tropical Temptation Beach Club opened is the Statue of Dewi Bhattari by a well-known artist in Bali, I Ketut Suadarna. Located right above the DJ Booth, this statue symbolizes beauty, prosperity, and protection.


Concept and Designed by DP+

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