Vibe Exclusive Cocktails: Indulge in Bali Bumbung and Tea & Jack at Tropical Temptation Beach Club


If you’re looking for a unique and refreshing way to cool down during a hot day at the beach, the Vibe Exclusive Cocktails at Tropical Temptation Beach Club are a must-try. With a focus on using fresh and local ingredients, these cocktails are sure to tantalize your taste buds and quench your thirst.

One of the standout cocktails is the Bali Bumbung, a delicious and refreshing concoction made with Vibe vodka original, vibe melon liqueurs, fresh kaffir leaves, fresh homemade mix juice (star fruit & lemon), sugar syrup, white egg, topped with sparkling wine, and a special pairing with anchovy. The combination of fresh fruit juices, sweet and tangy flavors, and a hint of saltiness from the anchovy create a unique and unforgettable taste that you won’t find anywhere else.

For those who prefer something creamier, the Tea & Jack is a perfect choice. This exclusive Vibe Black Tea is topped with homemade jackfruit cream, which adds a subtle sweetness and creamy texture to the tea. The combination of the earthy tea and tropical fruit creates a perfect balance of flavors that is both refreshing and satisfying.

Both cocktails are priced at IDR 165K ++, which is a reasonable price for the quality and uniqueness of the drinks. Plus, with the stunning beachfront setting of Tropical Temptation Beach Club, sipping on one of these exclusive cocktails is an experience in itself.

So next time you’re in Bali, be sure to stop by Tropical Temptation Beach Club and try the Vibe Exclusive Cocktails. You won’t be disappointed!

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