Terms & Conditions Booking


  1. By reserving a daybed, all guests must come on time at the chosen time, the bed will be released if there is any latency of more than 15 minutes without any further notice.
  2. All prices are in Indonesian Rupiah excluding tax and service charges.
  3. Online bookings must be paid in full at the time of booking.
  4. Accepted forms of payment via online systems are credit cards, bank transfers, and QRIS.
  5. Each booking session is limited by a time limit for booking and paying for tickets. The buyer agrees to make payment before the ticket payment deadline expires. Payments outside the payment deadline are not permitted and the ordering session process will be canceled automatically and is not the responsibility of Tropical Temptation Beach Club.
  6. All losses arising from the buyer’s negligence or error in understanding or following the procedures for ordering and payment as regulated in these Terms & Conditions are not the responsibility of Tropical Temptation Beach Club officials.
  7. After completing your booking an automatic e-booking confirmation will be emailed to your designated email address.
  8. Guests must show booking confirmation via hard copy or mobile device upon arrival at our reception.
  9. If you cannot produce a booking confirmation or valid ID in the booking name then the reservation will be denied and no refunds will be provided.
  10. Booking is not applicable for group bookings. All bookings will be treated individually.
  11. Bookings will be voided if Tropical Temptation Beach Club found that the booking is been sold to anyone else
  12. No outside food and drinks are permitted in the beach club.
  13. Upon entering Tropical Temptation Beach Club premises, you agree to let us inspect any bags or other goods in your possession. All items not permitted will be labeled and held by security until departure.
  14. No extra decorations from outside, shall you need any extra decoration please contact our representative at info@ttbeach.club.
  15. Prohibited to carry and use any illegal medicine, drugs, psychotropic substances, or items containing other dangerous substances.
  16. Forbidden to bring sharp weapons/fire, explosives, and objects prohibited under the provisions of the applicable laws into the venue.
  17. Animals are not permitted in the venue.
  18. Inflatable pool toys are not permitted.
  19. Tropical Temptation Beach Club reserves the right to change venue layout without notice.
  20. the buyer is responsible for agreeing to always provide complete and valid data according to the valid official identity to be adequately used in the series of Tropical Temptation Beach Club ticket ordering processes. Any losses arising from user errors or omissions in providing the data required for this service are the sole responsibility of each buyer.


  1. 100% cancelation fee will be applied if the guest cancels any table bookings at Tropical Temptation Beach Club
  2. If a force majeure occurs on the day of the venue, the buyer agrees to wait for the event to be held until an undetermined time and if within the specified time the event cannot be controlled, a refund process will be carried out.
  3. The minimum spend is strictly non refundable.


  1. Date change is only available if there is any force majeure occurring at Tropical Temptation Beach Club / Indonesia.
  2. Failure to attend on the day of booking is considered a no-show and a 100% cancellation fee will be applied.


  1. All transaction is a cashless transactions.
  2. Tropical Temptation Beach Club has the right to evict a guest or complete group immediately if excessive damage, nuisance, or unlawful activities occurred.
  3. Be aware of your own belonging, we are fully not responsible in case for any guest losses and damage. We do not take any claim from guest.
  4. Children have to be under parental supervision at all times.
  5. We welcome children aged 10 above
  6. Children aged 10 above are allowed at the lounge area only
  7. Be aware when staying at Hammock.
  8. No jumping and diving at the swimming pool, swim at your own risk and play by the sand at your own risk.
  9. Be aware when playing swing
  10. If damage to the facility will be subject to compensation according to the value of the item.
  11. To swim in the pool, only allowed with swimwear.
  12. Kids under 12-year-old are not allowed in infinity glass pool.
  13. No splashing water inside the pool.
  14. Respect other guest privacy.
  15. Swimming on the beach area is prohibited, Owner and Management of Tropical Temptation Beach Club are not responsible for accidents or injuries.